By Heidi Glaus

St. Louis (KSDK) -- How much of the newscast is scriptedversus adlib? That's the question NewsChannel 5's Heidi Glaus tackled from viewer Susan Fullerton.

When it comes to reading news around here no one sits behind the desk, or runs, and then stands in the Breaking News Center more than Pat McGonigle and Jennifer Blome.

"Four hours, 12 minutes and 45 seconds," Jennifer points out.

And the bulk of what you hear is written by a team of producers.

"I mean it's all scripted, right?" Jennifer says to Pat. "Most yes," he answers.

"The anchors have some flexibility, but mainly they stick to the script for more factual stories. The stories that are a little more fun where we can add in a little more personality, those definitely have more opportunities for ad libbing and Pat and Jennifer are great about doing that," explains Today In St. Louis producer Rob Edwards.

Maybe a little too good.

"We call it showjacking," Jennifer says.

"You know, we are kind of obsessed with time, sort of our entire job at the end of the day is to get the show out on time," Edwards adds.

So when the anchors, reporters or meteorologist go off on a tangent, the producers have to quickly rearrange stories.

"It can make for a stressful situation," Edwards says.

That also means as much as they want things to be buttoned-up, some things including Pat's shoes, usually are not.

"I do have dress shoes in a locker that go with this belt, I just never got around to it," Pat says defending his untied tennis shoes.

For the record, the meteorologists are hardly ever scripted. As a matter of fact, the teleprompter switches and they actually see themselves.

Here's one more thing you don't see.

"So you just breathe and hold this," Jennifer says to Pat.

A little yoga is how Pat and Jennifer unwind, not everyday, but most. Understandable, I guess, after all of that talking.

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