Grant Bissell

St. Louis (KSDK) - It's an annual event known for drawing big crowds of motorcycles as well as big time criticism and it's happening in St. Louis this weekend. Now some police say safety is becoming a major concern.

The Ride of the Century is a decade-long tradition and this year's ride is expected to draw nearly 2,000 riders.

The ride itself isn't causing concern. It's the high-speed tricks some riders do in traffic that has police and other drivers on edge.

Pine Lawn police set up a roadblock on I-70 during last year's ride after getting 911 calls about reckless bikers. YouTube videos show many of those riders blowing through the roadblock.

This year officers are planning a special enforcement to keep the roads safer.

"We're a part of the ARC zone, which is the accident reduction corridor which is from the county limits here all the way to St. Ann," said Sgt. Steven Blakeney of the Pine Lawn Police Department. "So I believe all of the ARC zone participants from here to St. Ann are going to have extra patrols and be ready for this."

Facebook messages to the organizers of the ride were not returned.

The Missouri Highway Patrol will hold a news conference Monday morning to discuss further plans to keep the roads safe this weekend.

Police say if you find yourself surrounded by the riders in traffic, don't panic. Hold your speed, stay in your lane and report any reckless riders.

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