By Mahsa Saeidi

Onslow County, NC (WCTI/CNN) - Video of a 2-year-old behind the wheel of a moving car outraged some who saw it on Facebook.

The child's parents now say they realize it was a dangerous move.

A momentary lapse in judgment by two parents has caused many to ask just what were they thinking.

Cpl. Marcus Madrid and his wife, Angelina, were driving on Fowler Manning Road near their home in Richlands when their 2-year-old son Giovanni asked if he could drive.

Cpl. Madrid put him on his lap and they headed home.

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous alerted WCTI-TV to this cell phone video she saw posted on the Madrid's Facebook page.

WCTI-TV tracked down the family to get their side. They say they never meant to hurt little Giovanni.

"I feel bad for doing it and I wasn't thinking, we weren't thinking," said Angelina.

She says she's worried about her husband's future as a Marine, and that a lot of people can learn from this.

"A lot of parents could see this, they can learn not to do this and not go through the name calling," said Angelina.

Grandma Tracee Ramos agrees.

"My son-in-law and my daughter take very good care of my grandson, I love my grandson," she said.

Ramos says the Madrids have never done anything like this before.

"Other people have done it, I'm not saying that's an excuse for it. But they just thought it would be cute," said Ramos.

The family says Giovanni won't be behind the steering wheel anytime soon.

Legal experts say putting a child behind the wheel violates child restraint laws and other traffic laws.

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