By: Wynn Beattie

'I'm just saying' you have great professionals on your news team and they represent the face of KSDK which portrays an honest family orientated team my family is proud to tune into daily. What casts a shadow over the KSDK family is the Gannett parent company's The KSDK web site provides a plethora or information for the consumer to help them 'get the facts' about decision 2012 and I applaud the efforts KSDK put forth in making this available to consumers.
I know the KSDK team I watch is forthcoming, honest and goes the distance at work and at home. The question I put before the 'Team' is: If you provided the reporters and newscasters with the links below to check out the facts, would they agree to air these misleading ads. It boils down to integrity and the "Stand by your Add" campaign. I can't believe KSDK would air them for profit alone, so they must believe them.
'I'm just saying' from now on when I see these deceptive third party ads on KSDK, I know in my heart you copied everyone on the KSDK team and challenged them to verify what the AARP, AAA and the public believe should be questioned as deceptive practice.
When I see the eyes of the KSDK family on TV and with that microphone in the faces of my loved ones, I know in my heart, they the integrity, ethics and strong beliefs in what is right.
Together we can make a difference in negative ad campaigns, but it must be together.

Please consider adding this link to cut through the Clutter, Slim and deception. You can verify the worthiness from their mission and get daily facts sent to your email

Deceptive Ads specifically aired on KSDK:

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