St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - James Ruma has loved motorcycles his entire life. He'd been on the Ride of the Century in previous years and last September seemed like any other ride.

"Last year I decided, 'Let's go on the ride. All of our friends are going to be there. We'll make sure everybody's okay.' And what end up happening is I'm the one that end up getting hurt," Ruma said.

James said he was not doing stunts because his wife was riding with him. They dropped a backpack on the highway, so James parked their motorcycle and tried to retrieve the bag.

"Traffic was stopped (on the highway). I ran out there to grab it and some guy that wasn't paying attention swerved and down I went," Ruma said.

James was run over by a truck, shattering bones and ripping apart organs. He was in a coma for three weeks and to date has undergone more than 30 surgeries.

James is still recovering; for now he's confined to a wheelchair. And he's worried what happened to him could happen to other riders.

"The thing I'm worried about with the ride is people getting hurt. You know, just big groups of bikes all together in one. And you're gonna have somebody in a car or on a motorcycle and you're gonna have one person that's not paying attention or doing a trick and you know, there it is," he said.

"Just...all the riders out there just be careful. Please be careful. And all the motorists, please give them their space, please."

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