(CNN) - On Thursday, CNN's Fareed Zakaria sat down with former President Bill Clinton. He asked him about what could happen come Election Day.

ZAKARIA: "If you look at the numbers, Obama is now leading in pretty much all of the swing states. And if you've seen these polls that are reasonably accurate, it could translate into an electoral landslide. Do you think that's possible?"

CLINTON: "It's possible. But we still don't know who's going to vote. You know, he won an enormous victory among people under 30. But they are disproportionately likely now to be unemployed or stuck in part-time jobs, to be frustrated. I think for all kinds of reasons, they're unlikely to vote in large numbers for Governor Romney, but will they vote? How much will the vote be lessened or reduced by the fact that in Florida, except for four counties, the pre-election voting, the advanced voting, has been cut down to eight days and doesn't include the Sunday before the election, which is an arrow aimed straight at the heart of the African-American churches, who pull up the church buses on the Sunday before the election and take elderly people who have no cars or people who are disabled to the polls so they can vote. How much is all that going to affect the turnout? I've never -- in my lifetime, nobody has ever done anything quite this blatant. So I still think you have to assume it's going to be a close race, assume it's a hard fight and then fight through it. But I think the president has the advantage now. We did have a very good convention. He got a good boost out of it. I think people kind of get that we were so damaged that we couldn't be back to full health in four years. So the real question is, who's got the better plan for the future? I think he'll win that argument."

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