By Alex Fees

Foley, MO (KSDK) - From a distance, the limestone retaining wall looks strong, sturdy.

Will Reichert thought so when he had it put behind his house about four years ago.

"I was pleased. It looked great," he said.

But a closer look tells you the wall meant to keep runoff from flooding his yard and house is falling apart.

It started first with cracks and chipping, but soon big chunks of the wall started to fall off. It's a concern for Will who has small dogs.

"The work that we had done isn't holding up to the expectation that it's going to be here forever," said Reichert.

5 on Your Side called the man who installed the wall and Ed Mullens with New Castle Custom Builders met Mike Rush at the home in Foley.

The problem, says Mullens, is the quarry gave him limestone boulders that were too porous.

"Over time some of the rock will absorb water and freeze and break apart," said Mullens.

But Mullens says the problem will be fixed.

"So the quarry, after talking to them several times, they're going to help us out on redoing the wall," he said.

The builder says work should begin in the next couple of weeks.

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