By Kerry Kavanaugh

Duluth, GA (WSB/CNN) - Police in Georgia say a man barreled down the interstate with his girlfriend on the hood of his SUV.

Other drivers called police as they helped get the man to stop.

The drivers who called 911 from Interstate 85 couldn't believe what they were seeing. One concerned driver snapped a photo as proof of a woman clinging to the hood of a Jeep as a man barreled down the highway.

"I did almost a quadruple take to be honest with you," said a witness.

A Buford man says he was the first to call police.

"Then, I see her beating on the windshield crying as I get closer, begging him to pull over," he said.

He said he knew he had to help the woman, so he began pacing the Jeep at the on ramp from Sugarloaf Parkway near Duluth. He soon noticed others were keeping up as well.

"We start motioning to each other, like can you believe this. One guy is showing me, he's taking pictures. He can tell I'm on the phone," said the man.

After several miles the witness says four different cars boxed the driver in.

"We went from 70, to 55. To 30 to 25 and we finally got him to pull over right at the Mall of Georgia headed toward Lawrenceville," he said.

Moments later, police arrived and arrested the driver, 29-year-old Jonathan Salas of Duluth.

Incredibly, the woman was not injured but was in shock.

"It was like watching and episode of 'Cops' right out your windshield. It was the craziest thing I've seen," said the man.

Jonathan Salas faces several charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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