St. Louis (KSDK) - Some engineering students had the rare opportunity to see into their futures Friday.

Students fromWashington University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis visited the job site at the new Mississippi River Bridge.

They were able to get some firsthand knowledge from engineers working there .

"Our students are from St. Louis, and they will get their degrees in our program and most of them will get jobs here in St. Louis, and so even though they may not work on a project like this. This could impact their lives on a daily basis going forward. Studying and reading about engineering is not enough, you have to come out and see what they are actually doing and the concepts, putting pictures with what you are learning. It's just amazing to me," said Dean Jody O'Sullivan.

The visit was part of a MoDOT program encouraging people to see the bridge as it's being built.

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