St. Louis (KSDK) - Each and every penny that's raised by Pedal the Cause has a purpose. It funds research to fight everything from brain tumors in children, to cancer in the pancreas. It's research that's underway right here in St. Louis.

Dollars raised by Pedal the Cause are being put to good use by researchers right now at Washington University, Siteman Cancer Center, and St. Louis Children's Hospital. Dr. Josh Rubin is using those funds and working with institutions around the world to identify predisposing conditions to pediatric brain tumors.

"The importance of asking this question is both trying to understand the molecules and pathways that contribute to the genesis of pediatric brain tumors, but also to try and develop tools where we can identify children at birth as ones who are at high risk for brain tumors," said Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Josh Rubin.

And while most of the analysis on pediatric brain tumors is done in the lab, Pedal the Cause also funds research in cancer patients.

"That's one of the nice things about funding from Pedal the Cause it really focuses on these immediate translations, not ten years of working in a mouse model, taking it clinical trial, we're in clinical trial," said Dr. David Linehan.

Just like a team of researchers, doctors, survivors and family members who Pedal the Cause, three teams are trying to determine why pancreatic cancer is so resistant to treatment.

"It's a new way of treating the cancer. We are not only treating the cancer cells we are treating these cells that are infiltrate the cells and optimize the response to chemotherapy," said Dr. David Linehan.

It's that team approach that's starting to make a difference.

"Yes, of course we're moving the ball, but cancer is still very prevalent in our community, in society, but it's because of that that we need Pedal and the dollars that are raised, because we are making progress," said Rich Liekweg, Barnes-Jewish President.

NewsChannel 5is a proud sponsor of Pedal the Cause. To donate, visit the Pedal the Cause website.

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