By Nicole Pesecky

Deland, FL (WKMG/CNN) - A Florida high school student says his extreme hairstyle got him sent home from school.

"I'm weird, uncommon, and socially unacceptable, so why can't my hair express that to?" said Asher Stonesifer.

Stonesifer has to hold his hair up on his own after the school principal told him the spikes have got to go.

"I was actually quite surprised. I can understand where they're coming from but it's never caused a problem," said Stonesifer.

The DeLand High School principal decided the 16 inch Mohawk is an extreme distraction at school. Stonesifer says the look is who he is and part of a personal goal to break the record for the tallest type of Mohawk.

It's a goal his mother supports.

"It's important to my son it gives him his own individual personality," said his mom, Rae Stonesifer.

Now the senior is gathering student signatures who support his fight to spike.

For now though he will wear his partly blond dyed locks down, hoping to change the rules in the future.

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