By Heidi Glaus

St. Louis (KSDK) - Deanna Jent always knew she wanted to teach and that's what's she been doing at Fontbonne University since 1995.

During that time she also founded Mustard Seed Theatre, adapted a couple of novels for stage and raised a family.

"I have a son who's now 18 who has severe autism and I have two older children twins who are 21 and we've gone through some very difficult, challenging years," said Jent.

To process things she started writing.

"I started writing what I thought was going to be an essay about parenting a child with special needs," Jent explained.

A colleague, however, wondered why she wasn't writing it as a play.

"I said well this is my life, my life is not a play. A play has beginning, middle and an end. It has a story and characters," Jent said.

To make a long story short, that essay is now "Falling," A play that was produced and performed through Mustard Seed Theatre at Fontbonne about a year ago.

"It was terrifying. The first day I walked in and they were up on stage rehearsing it I turned around and walked out. It was like woah I just walked in on my life, too strange," Jent said.

Strange for her, but relatable to the audience.

"People who have children or sibling with special needs said thank you for telling the truth," Jent added.

And now thanks to another St. Louisan, Terry Schnuck, even more people will see how her play unfolds.

"The short story is I invited him to the show, he saw it, he loved it. I had lunch with him and he eventually within a few weeks said I want to produce this off-Broadway," Jent said.

It adds one more remarkable thing to this professor's resume and proves the most challenging times often pave the way to our best moments.

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