By Rhondella Richardson

Brighton, MA (WCVB/CNN) - The search for a missing graduate student in Massachusetts has spread quickly online.

Friends and fellow students are using social media to help search for him.

This weekend the missing Jon Dailey posters began flooding the streets from Allston where he lives to Cambridge where he works.

The 23-year-old Boston Architectural College graduate student hasn't been seen since he left his apartment Tuesday evening with no identification and just the clothes on his back.

"It's pretty scary, but we are pretty hopeful," said his roommate, Miles Smith.

Smith is now using Facebook and a massive tweet campaign targeting Boston public figures to help find the grad student.

"We've been trying to contact Boston athletes and also Boston-known celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and tweet at them and have them retweet, just to get the attention," said another of Jon's friends.

"It started with around 200 or 300 people, and now, just the Facebook, it's knocking on the door of 10,000. It's also began to spread into Twitter and Instagram. We've created a hashtag, which is #FindJonDailey," said Smith.

A Boston Bruins star has already retweeted their message.

Friends say Dailey's incredibly responsible, but he was a no-show Friday at his job at the American Apparel store.

"A generally really happy kid. I can't imagine he got into anything sketchy or weird," said a co-worker.

Police have no leads to share with the family from North Carolina.

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