By Alana Brophy

Nampa, ID (KBOI/CNN) - An Idaho cat is back with its owners after being stuck on a utility pole for three days.

At first, the fire department and power company said they couldn't help. That's when the family turned to their neighbors and social media.

After three long days on top of a power pole, fritz is with her family.

"She's more than a cat. She's my best friend," said Orville Thrall.

Fritz is Thrall's bedmate and when she went missing, his daughter knew she had to help.

"He's up at like four in the morning trying to talk to her to get her to come down. I'm like, give it a rest. Go to sleep. Take it back up tomorrow, you know," said Kayla DeGraw.

DeGraw got her friends involved. They couldn't get help from the fire department because of live wires, and Idaho Power said it was against their policy.

"I was listening to her cry," said Thrall.

[Reporter]: "And hearing her cry as the pet owner what's that like?

"Painful," said Thrall.

But after many phone calls, Idaho Power had a change of heart.

"This did seem to be an extreme situation and we're happy to help our customers and rescue a family pet," said Kevin Winslow, an Idaho Power spokesperson.

But getting Fritz down turned into a hairy situation. She went higher after being spooked, so Idaho Power cut electricity to the top line and Fritz was back in her family's arms.

"I'd almost given up on it," said Thrall.

[Reporter]: "Glad you didn't?"

"Very. Got my cat back," said Thrall.

Neighbors called everyone they could, even the mayor's office. They also posted about the cat on Facebook before Idaho Power decided to help.

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