By Grant Bissell

St. Louis (KSDK) - Most Cardinals fans are expecting a win over the San Francisco Giants in the National League Championship Seriesand they'll be cheering on the Red Birds every step of the way. And some are finding their own unique ways of backing the birds.

It's well known baseball players are a superstitious bunch. Playoff beards have become the norm for many postseason veterans. Now it appears fans are following their favorite players' lead.

"I'm kind of a weird dude as far as superstitions go," said Zach Carel. "I always have to sit in a spot when they're doing well. If they're doing bad I always get real itchy and I've got to move around, maybe cross my legs. Anything to change it up. And I always have to wear my lucky hat hat on game day. I've got to represent my team."

"I usually cut my hair about once a week," said Trevor Branson. "But I'm planning on not cutting it until they win the World Series."

Branson says if the Cardinals don't win a 12th championship this year, he'll keep growing his hair until they do.

"I hope they don't go 100 years like the Cubs," said Branson.

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