WHDH - A judge has reversed his decision about a high profile prostitution case, ruling that addresses and other identifying information can now be released for men charged with paying for sex with a Zumba instructor in Kennebunk, Maine.

21 people are accused of hiring Alexis Wright as a prostitute.

Those charged may not be talking much, but the town is buzzing about the list.

"Everybody wants to know. It's a curiosity thing I guess," said Kennebunk resident Carl Durocher.

"I don't know any of them but friends of mine do and everybody's interested," said Kathy Termine.

There have been cases of mistaken identity; a former law enforcement official has a name that appears on the list.

"I knew it wasn't me and then all of a sudden the phone started coming and the phone was ringing off the hook," said retired sheriff's deputy Paul Main.

After a judge reversed his order, Kennebunk police will now provide more detail, including middle initials, addresses, and ages so there won't be any more mistakes.

Police say Wright videotaped sex sessions and kept records.

The list has the nation talking, and even tweeting.

"We don't know if they're not getting any sex, we don't know if they're unmarried, we don't know if they have trouble at home," said Barbara Walters on "The View."

Actor and comedian Kevin Nealon tweeted "I bet, very soon, there will be some homes for sale in Kennebunk #Zumba."

"It makes me really sad. This is a really nice, beautiful little community and I hope this goes away fast and we get back to normal again," said Kennebunk resident Sally Goulet.

An attorney involved in the case says there are more than 100 names involved.

New names will not be released until a week from Friday.