A local flower shop is busy making Halloween arrangements. The owner of Bloomers Florist and Gifts says sales for spooktacular bouquets are up this year.

"Fall is such a beautiful time. It's my favorite time of the year cause of the oranges and the browns and the rust colors so right now we're doing a lot of party things for Halloween," said Tim St. John, Bloomers Florist and Gifts.

"Pumpkin faces that kind of thing witchy kind of stuff the gauze looking some people really like the black kind stuff," explained Jennifer Hilliard, Bloomers Florist and Gifts.

Bloomers Florist and Gifts have two locations one in South County and one in North County.

5210 Chippewa, St. Louis

14040 New Halls Ferry Rd., Florissant

You can contact them by calling 314-832-0444 or head to

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