By Sharon Stevens Education Reporter

St. Louis (KSDK) - A dream team to New York City almost turned into a nightmare for some students at Harris-Stowe State University.

The six students were in the Big Apple at the height of Hurricane Sandy, and they had a tough time trying to get back home to St. Louis.

The students were attending the 12th Annual Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute, but then came the storm.

The collapsed crane on West 57th Street is one of the most memorable scenes associated with the storm, and the students were able to see it from their midtown hotel windows.

The storm forced the students and other convention guests to stay inside or close to the hotel.

They began looking at their options for leaving New York, but they were slim. Then someone came up with another idea: they could get out, but they'd have to leave from another state.

Brittney Lewis, 23, said "One of the members actually rented a van and all of us got in the van and drove to Baltimore, Maryland, which was three and half hours away and flew out of there and flew into St. Louis last night.

It was almost midnight when they landed in St. Louis.

Coincidentally, NewsChannel 5's Sharon Stevens' brother was attending the same conference in New York. He made it home to California on Thursday.

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