St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - It's lights out for some folks in the City of St. Louis. For several blocks in north city the street lights have burned out and for a few days have not been replaced.

Alderman Antonio French of the 21st Ward says his constituents first told him about the issue over the holiday weekend. On Sunday, the city streets department went to check out the problem.

"We are into our second night over here where at least ten blocks are without street lights and it's very dark over here so we are encouraging neighbors to put on their porch lights," says French.

Four hundredstreet lights are currently out and won't be back on until Monday. The St. Louis city streets director Todd Waeltermann says the street light black out happened when the a crew found a transformer was melting and decided to shut it down for safety reasons. That caused hundreds of street lights to go down with it.

Those affected live in Wards 21 and 22 in north St. Louis.

French says he started getting calls on Saturday from constituents who were complianing that their streets lights had gone out.

He says not only is it just inconvenient, but it's a matter of safety, protecting people and their property.

"In the name of both public safety and people's tax dollars being spent wisely we want to make sure that they are getting what they paid for," says French.

Waeltermann tells us he's confident that the lights will be back on Monday, after crews replace the transformer which will cost about $20,000.