By Sharon Stevens, Education Reporter

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - The Parkway School System becomes the latest district to call on the dogs - the drug-sniffing dogs, that is.

Starting next semester, the dogs will be sniffing for illegal drugs at all five Parkway high schools. The dogs and an officer from the St. Louis County Police Department will visit twice a month.

Olla, the drug-sniffing dog, will be one of the dogs used at the Parkway School District starting in January. A number of students say it's about time for the dogs, but they have some other concerns.

"If we bring drug-sniffing dogs to school they're going to get in trouble, but on the weekends, since they're not being sniffed on the weekends, they can still do it (drugs)," said Michael Wang, a junior at Parkway Central High School.

Parkway will join 13 other high schools and school districts in the program. Police say they're pleased with the way the program has worked so far.

"I think it provides a tool to the school districts, a partnership between the schools and the police department to show that they won't keep drug abuse and drugs out of the schools," said Sgt. Walter Davis, the supervisor of the St. Louis County Canine Unit.

The schools will be on modified lockdown while the dogs are checking the cars, lockers or hallways or some searches may be done before or after school.

Other school districts in the program include Rockwood, Bayless and Mehlville.

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