St. Louis (KSDK)--Theresa Clark's grandson, Jerry Brown, Jr., 25, was the Dallas Cowboys practice squad member who was killed in a car crash early Saturday.

Sunday, Clark and her family faced an afternoon full of televised football, knowing their loved one was not a part of the Cowboys' strategy against the Cincinnati Bengals.

"It is a hurting thing," said Clark. "Because he had been blessed. God has really been protecting him and watching over him. And he was succeeding at everything he set his mind to do."

What he set his mind to do was play in the NFL. And after college success at University of Illinois, Brown's career path took him through the Arena Football League before he had a stint with the Indianapolis Colts. His time as a Dallas Cowboy would follow.

"It was beautiful," said Clark, speaking of her grandson's success. "I have to say it was wonderful. I enjoyed it. We used to go and watch him play football. He was very proud and happy; he was doing a beautiful job. But the main thing I like about it, because you know, we're Christians. And he loved God and I love that because he took it with him. He let God guide him and be a part of his life. And he thanked and praised God for every step that he made."

Clark said her grandson was an inspiration to his younger cousins.

"I am proud of him," she said. "I am proud of my grandson. Because he set an example for all his cousins. They were proud of him. They love him. They play football because of him. He set the inspiration for them to do well in their schoolwork; to let them know they can become anything that they want to. They were proud of him. He set a good example for them, and anybody that touched him. He touched a lot of people's hearts. We are really going to miss him."

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