Pat McGonigle

St. Louis (KSDK) -- Holy Monday shockers, Batman! Why is that intrepid traffic reporter decked out like the Caped Crusader??!

A fair question, old chum.

Many regular viewers said, "Ka-Zowie!!" when they saw Sara Dayley Monday morning on Today in St. Louis.

Why was she wearing a Batman mask? The short answer: She's a good sport.

Sara Dayley made a friendly wager with colleague Pat McGonigle about the Rams-Buffalo Bills game on Sunday.

Pat, a very big Sam Bradford fan, had a feeling the Rams wouldn't complete many passes in the bitter Buffalo weather.

The bet: If Bradford completes 20 passes, Pat wears the Batman mask during Today in St. Louis.

Any less, Sara Dayley gets decked out like the Dark Knight.

Bradford completed 19 passes.

Since it was so close, and Bradford led the Rams to victory, Pat McGonigle agreed to close out the broadcast in the mask, too.

Click on the video player on this page to see the Gotham-infused high jinks. You may find yourself saying: Ka-Blam-O!!

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