Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It's not the sort of gift you'll find on a shelf and not typically something Santa shoves onto his sleigh, but you might be looking at one of the best Christmas presents ever.

"It can't get no better than this and it's like brand new," said Superrior Robinson, a woman who's about to move into her first home.

Ffor the last six months, complete strangers have been hammering out whatever needed to be done to build Robinson and her three girls a home.

"And now to see it come together, oh my God, it's crazy," Robinson said.

It's one of five in University City that Habitat for Humanity is working on.

"I love the kitchen, like that's my favorite part of the house," Robinson added.

Don't misunderstand, this is not a completely free house.

"It's not a free program at all, we're blessed to be able to partner with our families that go through the program. Each home buyer has to have a source of income, they have to be willing to partner to do their 350 hours of sweat equity," said Jacinta Witherspoon with Habitat for Humanity St. Louis.

"Part of that sweat equity is attending life skills class that range from financial literacy, healthy cooking, designing on a dime and everyone who is going to live in the home also attends those classes so the children also learn firsthand about financial literacy as well," Witherspoon went on to say.

And notice she said home buyer, there's still a mortgage, but a mortgage isn't rent.

"I'm paying something towards me, like I know that it's mine. I was in low income housing and as I got better jobs and things like that eventually low income didn't turn into low income," Robinson said.

The truth is, this is more than a home; it's proof that with hard work and a little help from generous strangers, Christmas wishes really do come true.

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