By Talia Kaplan

KIMMSWICK, Mo. (KSDK) - A group of Golden Retrievers from Chicago arrived in Newtown, Conn. to give the children there a kind of comfort only four-legged friends can provide.

NewsChannel 5 was in a local classroom Tuesday and got to see this type of therapy in action.

Lieutenant "Mady" Madison joined the Rock Community Fire Protection District about one month ago and has been through two years of intense training as an animal assistant therapy dog also called a "comfort dog."

On Tuesday, lieutenant Madison and her handler Officer Ron Harder went to visit several schools including Windsor Elementary in Kimmswick. The group of first graders got to read to Lt. Madison, pet her, and play with her, all with the goal of bringing smiles to their faces in a time when some may need it most.

"Madison works with our special needs students and also as an advocate dog. Madison works with those children who may have fears similar to the tragic incident that just happened in Newtown. Some children may even be afraid of being at school," said Officer Harder.

Officer harder says he contacted the Newtown, Connecticut school board Tuesday to render Madison's services if needed. He has not heard back yet.

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