By Grant Bissell

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KSDK) - The St. Charles City School District is taking immediate action to close security gaps on its campuses.

Right now the district is getting bids for a buzzer system for the main entrances of at least ten of its schools. The system would include a camera and electronic locks that could be opened from the school's main office.

The project is expected to cost as much as $60,000, but the district already has that money set aside.

Superintendent Dr. Jeff Marion says school leaders started talking about security improvements in the days before the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

"I think the tragedy reinforced to me, the board and the community just how important it is that we go forward and try to put these things into action so we can at least have as much security and peace of mind as possible," said Marion.

The district has three school resource officers and parents tell NewsChannel 5 they would like to see one at every building. But Dr. Marion says that would cost around $600,000 a year and put a real strain on the district's budget. That's why he's considering more security technology and the district may ask for a bond measure to help pay for it.

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