Loxahatchee, FL (WPBF) - A 30-year-old horse took a dive in the family swimming pool and it took some heavy machinery to fish him out.

Palm Beach Fire Rescue raced to Loxahatchee around 5 p.m. Tuesday after a family's horse jumped a fence and landed in their in-ground swimming pool. And once in the water, "Andy" couldn't get back out, treading water while trying to get up the little hill in the pool.

Veterinarians from Palm Beach Equine Clinic were on scene in just minutes, checking for broken bones and making sure the horse was calm and relaxed.

Rescuers injected a mild sedative then got Andy to a spot in the pool where he could stand up on his own. Palm Beach Fire Rescue's special ops team took over, backing in a tow truck with a harness, and succeeded in lifting Andy out of the pool.

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