(KSDK Sports) --With his team focusing on finishing the 2012 season with a winning record, talk of "making the playoffs"has pretty much dissipated around Rams Park.

But,still Rams Coach Jeff Fisher acknowledged today, using the logic of the classic comedy "Dumb and Dumber, "there is a chance."

So, just how is it possible that the Rams pull this off? At best the Rams can either be a No. 6 seed, at worst, they're out.

The pressure is on the Rams. They have to win out against the Buccaneers and the Seahawks. One loss to in either week, and they are eliminated. They are also eliminated in any of the following scenarios:

(a) Giants beat either the Ravens or Eagles
(b) Vikings beat either the Texans or Packers
(c) Bears beat either the Cardinals or Lions
(d) Redskins beat the Eagles, plus Cowboys beat the Saints
(e) Redskins beat the Eagles, plus Cowboys beat the Redskins
(f) Cowboys beat the Saints, plus Redskins beat the Cowboys

So because so much of their fate is out of their hands, the Rams must focus on their part - winning out and finishing strong.

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