By Pat McGonigle

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KSDK) - Consumer studies show more and more dads are doing the Christmas shopping this holiday season so toymakers like Mattel are making big changes to Barbie.

Mattel is releasing Barbie sets that are less gender specific.

One is the "Mega Blocks" Barbie garage.

Unlike pre-assembled pink Barbie mansions of the past, the new focus is on interaction between fathers and daughters. Dads and daughters can actually build the new "Mega Blocks" sets together.

It's a trend Cindy Murdoch at Spicer's Toys and Candy has noticed in recent years.

"It used to be moms and grandmothers did all of the Christmas shopping, not anymore," Murdoch said.

To listen to more of Murdoch's take on this new phenomenon, click on the video player on this page.