By Elizabeth Matthews

MANCHESTER, Mo.(KSDK) - While some people are dreading the snow, there are some out there that are praying for a 'White Christmas.' It's all part of a promotion at a Manchester jewelry store, where under certain restrictions, two inches of snow could mean a free purchase.

Newlyweds Katherine and Matthew Klick are keeping a close eye on the weather.

"We'll either know that we'll have an amazing honeymoon or just an awesome honeymoon!" says Katherine Klick.

It all depends on one thing: the weather forecast. But it's not what you think.

The newly married couple bought a few pieces of jewelry during the Wish for a White Christmas promotion at Diamond and Jewelry Brokers Inc. in Manchester. Here's how the promotion works: people who made purchases between Black Friday and December 18 will get their money back if it snows at least two inches on Christmas Day.

Mother Nature has 24 hours to make snow fall and the official reading will be taken at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

"When you are kid you get to look out your window on Christmas Day and look for snow and now we have adults and kids and everybody doing it," says Michael Haddad, president of the jewelry store.

Haddad says his employees are hoping for snow, too; they have an insurance policy just in case there is a White Christmas.

"We just estimate what we would do this year and then we are covered up to a certain amount," says Haddad.

He tells us there were about 200 customers through the time period and they sold about $250,000.

"A lot of engagement rings were purchased," says Haddad. "Those are the ones really, really keeping their fingers crossed for snow."

The Klicks say they have about $2,000 riding on this promotion that they could get back and are hopeful.

"It might be a Christmas miracle," says Katherine.

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