O'Fallon, Ill. (KSDK)

- An injured Marine from O'Fallon was home for just a week after losing both his legs during a explosion in Afghanistan got a rude awakening this Christmas.

NewsChannel 5 has been following the story of Lance Cpl. Chris Van Etten since that IED went off last June, and was at Lambert St. Louis International Airport last week, when the 22-year-old and his mother got off the plane from California, where he's been in rehab since the injury.

What was supposed to be and has been a very happy homecoming took quite a turn Christmas Eve morning when a neighbor knocked on the door to tell the Van Ettens about the derogatory words written on the side of their house as well as the raw eggs splattered on it in several locations.

While police were called in and a report was filed, Chris said the biggest help came from the community, which helped them cover up that ugly, hateful message within an hour.

"Seeing that so many people came out and that they wanted to help out even though most of them didn't know who we were, they just wanted to help out, definitely raised our spirits and Christmas spirit," he said.

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