Milstadt, Illinois (KSDK) --A fewneighbors in the Millstadt, Illinois are complaining to police aboutfestive tunes coming from a local Churchlocal church. They're saying an hourlyplayingof bells and christmas music is far too loud.

Every hour from 7 a.m. to9 p.m.a series of chimes and songs shoots out of the loudspeakers of Zion Evangelical Church. Some say it's music to the ears, others say it'sneedles to the eardrums.

Police in town say they've received a handful of complaints over the hourly serenade from people in town, but say they're hands are tied on the matter. The Village of Millstadt does have an ordinance regulating noise levels, but there is a special exception for church use. Police are telling upset residents to call the Illinois Pollution Control Board and file a complaint.

We left messages with church leadership and have yet to hear anything back. Officials with the church plan to have a meeting on the matter next week.

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