Bridgeton, MO (KSDK) - Several homes are bit with bullets in a Bridgeton neighborhood, one bullet struck just four feet from where a woman was sleeping.

It happened in the 11200 block of Old St. Charles Road, near Fee Fee.

it was an alarming way to start off the new year.

"Two bullets went into the window seal about four feet from where I was sleeping," says Pam Tanner, whose home was struck with bullets.

Around 8:30 Tuesday morning neighbors woke up to the sound of gunfire and some homes pierced with bullets.

"There's a spot right there where it went through the desk, and then it went up through here, and then it lodged in the back of my desk," says Polly Hazelwood, whose home was also struck.

She says she thought it was an explosion, she woke up, went in search of something and found a bullet hole through her office.

"If I would have had my bed here I would have been hit, but thankfully my bed is in the back," says Hazelwood.

Just next door Tanner was also asleep when she woke up to 5-6 shots, with two bullets grazing her home.

"It is frightening, to be in the privacy of your own home and have something like that, that type of an invasion, but I just feel very fortunate that I wasn't injured," says Tanner.

Just down the street another home was hit. Hazelwood says the bullets were coming from all directions.

"I think they were just going down the street and we just got in the way, I don't think it was anything personal with anyone on the street," says Hazelwood.

While police are still searching for the suspect, these neighbors are thankful for the Bridgeton police.

"Their fast response, and the thoroughness of their investigation, they had the whole road blocked off as a crime scene," says Tanner.

Police are asking for your help if you have any information on this you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS.

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