By Heidi Glaus

WASHINGTON, Mo. (KSDK) - It's obviously too cold to hang out at the Washington pool this time of year, but what happened here this summer is something that tends to conjure up warm, fuzzy feelings even on the coldest day of the year.

"He can go first that's fine, you go first," Dakotah Zimmer says pointing to Isaac Nolting.

It doesn't take long to see Isaac and Dakotah act like brothers and well that's what a friend pointed out this summer at the pool.

"Jaden sits down with us and says 'Oh you two are fighting like brothers,'" Dakotah explains.

"I didn't think anything of it when I first met Dakotah," Isaac adds.

But after giving it some thought and looking a little closer at their hands, feet, eyes and noses Isaac decided to talk to his mom.

"He looked at me and said am I adopted? And I was just like Isaac what makes you think that? And he said cause I think I found my brother," Dawn Nolting, Isaac's mom says.

"She said yes and then I just started to cry," Isaac goes on to say.

Not sad tears mind you, tears of joy.

"I've always wished I had a brother," Isaac says.

"It was pretty cool 'cause I knew I had a brother all along but I didn't know it was him," Dakotah adds.

The boys actually spent time together when they were toddlers because when Dawn first took Isaac she was simply trying to help an overwhelmed teenage mom.

"I was 19 when I had my daughter so I knew how hard it was and she was like 18 and had two children so I was like lord she needs a break," Nolting explains.

She eventually adopted Isaac and until they were about three the families still got together. But as it often does, life presented some twists and turns so for the last 10 years the boys have lived 20 miles apart. Isaac in Washington and Dakota with his grandmother in Augusta, that is until this past June because these days they're inseparable.

"It's like they've picked up where they left off," Nolting says.

They might even be closer than most brothers their age.

"I think so," Dakotah says.

After all, they not only share a bloodline, they share the story of their random discovery.

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