LAS VEGAS (NBC) - Later this morning thousands will gather in Las Vegas for what is sure bet to be one of the coolest, and most cutting-edge events of the new year.

There is more gee-wiz in the Las Vegas Convention Center right now, than anywhere else on the planet.

Teams are putting the finishing touches on their booths right now, and in a few hours the doors will be opened, providing a glimpse of the future for home high-tech.

Crews have pulled miles of cable and unpacked pallets of high-tech gear. Every gadget, any accessory you can think of, everything from flat-screens, to flying things, as more than 3,000 companies from 150 countries pull back the curtain on the newest and neatest in the world of consumer tech.

This, of course, includes updated smart phones, tablets, and the next generation of HDTV. There is even a touch-screen table top here.

Pacing the innovation this year are products with a personal touch. "The market for digital health is really understanding the benefits that come from using devices to track your own lifestyle."

Fitbug is described as an online fitness and well-being coach, which provides real-time data and designs a customized exercise and eating plan.

Don't forget the Hapifork. "So the Hapifork is a device that's been created to help you lose weight, by eating at the right time at the right pace," said a representative.

Yep, the Hapifork gives you a "gentle vibration" if you're eating too fast and a green light will tell you when it's ok to take another bite.

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