By Anne Allred

FLORISSANT, Mo. (KSDK) - Florissant resident Betty Billadeau was separated from her little brother, Clifford Boyson, 65 years ago. The two were placed in different foster homes in Chicago.

Tuesday night, Betty and Clifford reunited for the first time via online video.

Clifford, who now lives in Iowa, had been searching for Betty for nearly six decades. But it was a neighbor that managed to bring the two together: eight-year-old Eddie Hanzlin.

Clifford asked the second grader to look online for Betty. Within one week, Hanzlin found Betty on Facebook by using her maiden name.

"An eight-year-old; that's just mind boggling," Billadeau said.

The two plan to reunite in Iowa this weekend.

"I always knew he was there, just not where he was. It's a hole in your heart I guess," Billadeau said.

Now that hole has been filled.

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