By Grant Bissell

CRESTWOOD, Mo. (KSDK) - A brave neighbor pulled a wheelchair-bound man from a burning home in Crestwood Wednesday afternoon. The home is located in the 9500 block of Big Bend Boulevard.

Marc Stevener says he was driving by when he saw smoke pouring out of the windows. He called 911 and says he and another man ran to the home to check for anyone inside.

Stevener says he kicked in the front door and found the homeowner laying on the living room floor alive, but badly burned.

"When I kicked in the door the first thing I noticed was the ceiling of the room was just like rolling orange," said Stevener."And then when I looked in and the gentleman laying there I thought we don't have a lot of time to look around let's grab him."

Stevener and the other man dragged the homeowner outside just seconds before the ceiling collapsed.

Thehomeowner was takento Mercy Hospital. No word yet on how badly he was hurt.

Crestwood firefighters extinguished the flames and St. Louis County Police crime scene investigators werecalled in to help determine the exact cause of the fire.Right now, it's not clear what started the blaze but it's not considered an arson investigation.

Stevener says he's not a hero for rushing into the burning home, he was just acting on instinct.

"No, no. I'm not at all," said Stevener."I think anyone in this neighborhood presented with the situation would have done the same."

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