By James Myers

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL/CNN) - A California family is fighting with a hunter over its 800 pound, pet pig's corpse.

The hunter apparently shot the farm animal after it wandered from home.

The Sales family fell in love with an 800 pound pig.

"You know, it is only a pig, but when you live on a farm, your animals are like your dogs. And he was, Rufus was part of the family," said owner Amber Sales.

For nine years Rufus had the run of the Fairfield family's yard.

"He was such a member of the family that when my father-in-law passed away about six or seven years ago, he was listed in the obituary as being his pet," said Sales.

But then the unthinkable happened last week. Rufus got loose and wandered into an area where sportsmen can legally hunt wild pigs.

The 800 pound pet was shot and killed.

"When we contacted the hunters, they said they would make arrangements to return the pig, but that never happened," said Sales.

She doesn't like to think of what could have happened to Rufus' remains.

"I can't imagine someone eating him. I mean just the thought of him at the dinner table. Let alone, he's eight or nine years old, that can't be tasting very good. And there was even talk about them possibly trying to mount the pig. I can't see the point of why they would want to mount someone's pet," said Sales.

The family says they just want some closure and to put this and Rufus to rest.

"We're a hunting family and I would be mortified if I killed someone's pet. I would make every effort to return it or replace it. And in this case we weren't asking for it to be replaced, we were just asking for it to be returned," said Sales.

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