By. Julie Tristan

One of the best places to get jewelry in St. Louis is the CODI Boutique! They can even make you custom pieces or you can browse in the shop to find some adorable accessories for any outfit.

They even offer a service called "Eye Candy" where you get on their email list and you'll get to see some adorable pieces that the owner loves when she's on buyingtrips! She'll even sell the jewelryto you for a discounted price but you have to sign up to be onthe special email list. Its a great way for busy people to do some shopping because the owner basically does the shopping for you & she's got quite an eye for fashion!

There are 2 Codi Boutiques, one is Town and Country and one in Ladue. To find out more head to their website. That's also where you can sign up for "Eye Candy by Codi" to get the scoop on discounted accessories!

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