By Grant Bissell

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.(KSDK) - A major security overhaul is underway in Edwardsville School District 7. The district is using a team of experts to identify and close security gaps.

Schools have already equipped each classroom with a door that locks from the inside. Soon, a panic button will be installed in every building that will contact police and the district office.

The main entrance of each building will be fitted with remote-controlled locks and security cameras.The schools already require visitors to wear ID badges, butin the coming monthseveryone will be required toone.

Police will also have the ability to tap into every building's surveillance cameras.

"There's quite a few cameras in there and I know that it bothers the kids but it makes a parent feel a lot better because they have eyes on them and they can make sure if something happens quickly that they'll be there right away," said parent Dawn Parker.

The security team will meet again next month to re-evaluate the plan. The district hopes to have all the improvements done by next fall.

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