By Kristy Wolski

SAN DIEGO (KSWB/CNN) - Hidden treasures discovered at San Diego State University lead to a full scale archaeological expedition.

Behind the brick and mortar at SDSU are murals dating back to the 1930s and painted by former art students.

Seth Mallios is currently on a campus wide expedition to find them fitting for a professor of archaeology.

"There's just about no building on campus that I haven't crawled under and over trying to find hidden treasures here. This place is pretty amazing in terms of all the nooks and crannies and there are more treasures to be found," said Mallios.

Nearly nine years ago Mallios discovered the first two murals hiding behind years of white paint.

A lengthy renovation began and now the restored artwork is hanging in the campus library.

"That led to a kind of mural fever on campus where we started finding a bunch more," said Mallios.

The wall is next to the one Mallios hopes to tear apart.

Underneath is an Alice in Wonderland painting from the 1940s. Excavating Alice will cost about $100,000.

Once the money is raised the project will take a couple months.

"We face them by putting all sorts of protective covers on the front and then we chip behind the mural and lift it off the wall. It's expensive its time consuming and its very delicate work. There are no guarantees it's gonna work but the results are pretty spectacular," said Mallios.

This Odysseus painting is also on the list of excavation projects, and Mallios knows there are many more murals on campus just waiting to be found.

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