MANCHESTER, Mo. (KSDK) - A pair of Manchester charities is turning unwanted clutter into safe drinking water for undeveloped countries.

Julie Scaglione, founder of Gateway2Give and Clean Water Mission, is doing her part to help others in need by selling donated items to raise money for her projects and St. Joseph Catholic School, where she's a parishioner.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church is sponsoring a Gateway2Give donation drive for shoes and handbags from February 11 to February 25. The goal is to raise $600 for clean water projects and a matching amount for the school's needs.

Gateway2Give not only provides clean water to those who have none, but creates jobs for those selling the items; a beneficial social enterprise for those in poverty stricken areas. A third of the money Gateway2Give raises goes toward Clean Water Mission, the drive host organization's project earns a third, and the final third is spent on operational and water education costs. Clean Water Mission uses its funds to provide grants for the water projects.

If interested in running a drive of your own, contact Clean Water Mission at or send a check payable to "Clean Water Mission, 15009 Manchester Road, #115, Manchester, MO 63011." All proceeds from these drives will go to clean water projects.

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