ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Part of the charm of New Town in St. Charles, a walking and biking community, is it is largely self-contained.

It's has its own market, churches, restaurants and recreation. Kind of its own little world, but some residents don't like that it's often hard to get word from the outside world.

"It's pretty bad," said Charles Whitsell.

We're talking about the mail. There are two mail rooms serving the community of about 18 hundred families. For years, people living here tell Five on Your Side their mail isn't delivered and they get other people's mail.

"I usually get probably two, three pieces of mail, other people's mail , every other day, you know, it's pretty intense," said Whitsell.

Not everyone Mike Rush talked to has a problem with the post office.

Resident Ted Collis said, "These people are delivering on time and everybody gets into their little routine and I think people get upset with that."

But most told the same story. Michael Gamble is with New Town's governing body, called the general assembly. He says he's complained to the post office on behalf of his neighbors and himself, and he says mis-delivery is not the only issue.

"There's some mail that has obviously been opened and consumed by people other than me," he said.

"I had a magazine one time that was related to some sports I compete in and that particular issue didn't arrive. The next monthly issue did arrive and then I got the previous one a couple of weeks after that and it was a little bit dog-eared and it smelled of cigarettes."

The general assembly and the postmaster have different ideas of what the problem is, one's blaming the other, but Five on Your Side's Mike Rush was able to act as a go-between for the two to set up a meeting to discuss solutions.

They plan to meet Friday afternoon.

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