ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The Humane Society of Missouri released a YouTube video on theTeam Trooper Facebook page Thursday of the puppy playing tug-of-war with another dog named Daisy.

Trooper was rescued in November after he was found tied to the bumper of a truck and dragged half of a mile down Interstate 55.

PHOTOS:Puppy dragged down I-55 doing better

The pit bull puppy suffered serious injuries and has undergone several surgeries.

Trooper isdoing well and has become an international celebrity, receiving gifts and well-wishes from around the world, including packages of string-cheese, his favorite treat.

Humane Society officials say Trooper may have a crush on the female dog he's seen playing with in the newest Team Trooper video.

The Facebook page says Daisy, the female dog, belongs to Pet Pal volunteers and was rescued from a dog fighting raid in 2009.

Daisy was rehabilitated and now plays with other dogs like Trooper to teach them good socialization techniques.

In December, 41-year-old Benetta Johnson was charged with misdemeanor animal abuse.

Authorities say the dog had no access to food, water, or shelter and she did not notify the driver of the truck that the dog was tied to the hitch.

The Humane Society is has set up a secure website to collect donations to help Trooper's recovery. To donate, visit the Humane Society of Missouri's website.

Click on the video player below to watch Trooper and Daisy play.

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