KIHOLO BAY, Hawaii (CNN) - A surfer is on the mend after being attacked by a shark off the shore of Kiholo Bay in Hawaii.

Officials say a 15-foot tiger shark chomped on the man's right forearm. The victim also sustained a knee injury.

The 43-year-old surfer punched the shark repeatedly until it let him go.

A worker at a nearby residence responded after hearing someone shout "911."

"We came to his aid, we brought towels. Laid him out on a bench in front of the Bali house and basically wrapped him up, tourniqueted the arm with a surf leash so that he would not bleed out. Because obviously his hand was not attached, it was attached by about one tendon that's about it. Um and so we basically came to his aid, kept him stable, stopped the bleeding and waited for the paramedics," said Adam Atwood.

The attack forced officials to temporarily shut down the beach. It has since reopened.

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