A St. Louis yoga studio has moved to Lafayette Square to open its doors to more students, making classes more accessible and affordable for you. Southtown Yoga is offering a class new to the yoga scene where beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts can stretch side by side.

"One of our goals here at South Town Yoga is to make things accessible and relatable for anybody," explained Brigette Niedringhaus, Southtown Yoga owner.

Niedringhaus says the class teaches you to move with awareness and pushes students to their edge.

"Yoga helps you balance that out so that you're not overly just strong you would get more flexible in yoga if you come in and you're just really flexible the yoga class like the practice of yoga would help you get the opposite," explained Niedringhaus.

You don't need a contract to check out yogahour. It costs $7 to participate. For more information head to or call 314-353-1004. The studio is located at 1905 Park Avenue.

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