(KSDK Sports) -- KSDK Sports has learned that former Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryanwill interview with the St. Louis Rams this weekend.

The fact that Ryanwould interview with Coach Jeff Fisher is not surprising considering the history between the two. When Jeff Fisher was a defensive back with the Chicago Bears in the 1980's, his defensive coordinator wasthe bombasticBuddy Ryan. Ryan had two twin boys who would go to practice everyday and acted as the team's ball boys.

A real bond developed between Fisher and the Ryan family. Buddy eventually gave Jeff his first coaching job in Philadelphia, and tonight Fisher is going to talk to Rob Ryan about continuing the association. The two are expected to talk again tomorrow.

The Rams need a defensive coordinator. Ryan has been one in Oakland, Cleveland and most recently Dallas, where he was just let go.

Sources close to the situation tell us that Ryan has put off another team that is interested in interviewing him, and that Ryan really would like to the Rams job.

It's a chance to work with a family friend and a chance to coach a young and potentially very good defense. Ryan has been a defensive coordinator in a 3-4 defense and Rams run a 4-3. The source tells us that it would not be a problem. Rob has coached a 4-3 as well in the past.

He is the first candidate the Rams have interviewed for the job, which was never filled after the NFL suspended Gregg Williams because of his role in the New Orleans Saints' "bounty' program.

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