By Steve Patterson

WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) - You've seen those businesses that advertise with employees dressing up in elaborate costumes on the street.

Well in Wentzville, they're not allowed. Shop owners want that to change.

What one person is doing in Wentzville is technically illegal. You can't be a "living sign" on the road, but the owners found an elegant solution. The sign he's holding says "Give me liberty or give me death," a political sign, which is an exemption of the ordinance.

The owners of the business say they shouldn't have to do that.

According to the ordinance a living sign is anything held or attached to a person or animal that displays a information about a business, and that includes people in costume.

The owner at Liberty Tax is one of many who'd like that rule changed.

The argument is that commercial speech should be protected under the constitution like political speech like religious speech, like free speech, and drawing a distinction is dangerous.

A few city leaders we spoke to today agree, but are focused on revising the ordinance, rather than striking it from the books.

They say part of this is about distracted driving and public safety.

There's a public work session coming up in February and the city will look for more input from businesses.

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