Elizabeth Matthews

FRONTENAC, Mo. (KSDK) - He was one man who really knew "the Man." Stan Musial sat in his chair once a month for 37 years.

They developed a real friendship after he convinced Stan the Man to come to his barber shop.

"Next thing I know I'm putting the chair cloth around him and I'm finally coming to the realization that I'm like oh my God I'm going to cut Stan Musial's hair," says Ron Nicoletti.

He was just 22-years-old then and would become Stan's barber for life.

"Next thing I know I'm putting the clipper on his neck and and I'm touching his ear and I'm touching his neck," he remembers. "I don't know how I got through it, but I did."

It started with a simple trim, but 37 years later Nicoletti would give Stan the Man more than 400 haircuts.

"It brought me to tears Saturday night when I was watching because it was it was over, you just don't get a chance to cut somebody's hair like that," he says.

Stan would give him memory after memory including the secret to his hall of fame hitting.

"He says 'Well, you see the pitch, and you hit it' and I said 'Is that it?' and he said 'That's it,'" says Nicoletti.

He says Stan never had an off day and always came prepared to sign autographs, until last month.

"Said we got to cancel Stan's appointment, Stan's not having a good day and there was a part of me thinking oh my God, I hope this isn't it, because I was still thinking one more time, one more time," he says.

Nicoletti says Stan the Man was magical and he never really got over the fact that he got to be his barber.

"Every time I would get done I would just say like oh my God, it's Stan Musial," says Nicoletti.

Nicoletti and his barbershop at the Hilton Frontenac have seen some pretty big sports stars, including Jack Buck.

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