By Maggie Brown

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island (CBC/CNN) - People across the country are bundling up this week, to keep out the cold, but humans aren't the only ones who need protection.

Sometimes our best friends need a little extra help when the temperatures dip.

Playing outside with your pet is fun, especially if both of you are bundled up against the cold. Some pet owners are giving their furry friends a little extra protection these days.

Pet supply stores have been busy with people looking for something to keep their furry friends warm and dry.

Whether that's a coat or maybe some boots to protect against ice and salt. But do dogs really need to be covered up in cold weather?

"Certainly larger breed dogs, German shepherds, golden retrievers have a nice, thick coat to begin with and most cases they don't need anything, whereas smaller dogs, like a Chihuahua, might need a coat or those type of things," said Tracy Matthews with Atlantic Vet College.

That is, if they'll let you put it on them.

"Some dogs, you put a coat on 'em and they just go into instant paralysis and so sometimes in those cases it's more for our own psychological benefit versus theirs," said Matthews.

At one store, they have dog coats made out of the same material as horse blankets. They may be for people more into function than fashion, but, "People will want to match their horse and their pet, their dog and so we have several blankets that fit the bill," said Gidget Oxner, owner of Greenhawk Supplies.

People who have bundled up their pets still have to keep an eye on them.

"Even with a coat or a sweater it doesn't take the place of monitoring them, being vigilant, being aware of what kind of signs they're showing you cause a lot of times they'll let you know when it's time to come in," said Matthews.

When temperatures drop below freezing, people need to remember to bring their pets inside

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