By Elizabeth Matthews

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KSDK) - He never used his stardom for personal gain, but Stan Musial did use his face for charity. Wings of Hope is a humanitarian organization created in the 1960s and has helped millions of people in poverty and medical need. The current president of the organization says they wouldn't be where they are today without Stan's help.

"Without Stan it would be, it would be a much more significant uphill battle," says Wings of Hope president Douglas Clements. "Stan has donated not just cash, of course, his family has been very generous, but he's brought many friends."

Wings of Hope started in 1962 and was meant to help people around the world in any way they needed.

"Teach them how to dig themselves out of poverty and out of destitution and to have hope for their futures," explains Clements.

This belief was apparently right up Stan Musial's alley. Just a year after the organization was created they welcomed the famous ball player into their circle.

"When he retired he became our first celebrity if you will supporter, Stan of course had a tremendous attraction to young people and terribly wanted to see young people have futures and have opportunities to them.

Clements says Stan wanted to reach out to the younger generations and make sure they were better off than he was growing up.

"People in that generation began to realize that if they didn't take action to make the world different in 50 years later, by doing something with young people today it wasn't going to get any different," he says.

Clements credits Stan the Man with the success they've been able to reach and the people they've been able to help.

"Without Stan's support we wouldn't be able to reach out to the million people per year we actually serve," he says.

Stan even helped bring supporters to the organization like General Colin Powell and Arnold Palmer.

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